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Kimber Fountain, Editor-in-chief
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On our cover
On the cover this month is a painting titled “View
From The Galvez” by local artist and gallery owner
René Wiley. The piece is part of her new exhibition
that features cityscapes and rooftop views of
Galveston Island that opens for ArtWalk on April 22.
The 30” by 30” original painting as well as custom
giclée prints of the painting are available at her
downtown gallery at 2128 Postoffice. The gallery is
open daily from 11am to 6pm.
It’s For You,
Dear Reader
This April edition is a very special one for me, because it marks the two-year
anniversary of the publication of my very first article for
Galveston Monthly
. I will
never forget the moment when I opened the magazine and saw that article for the
first time. It seemed to radiate off the page, like a homing signal. Ever since then my
goal has been to try to replicate that emotion—not for me, but for you, dear reader.
Now, I know that none of us will ever be able to fully escape the world of Ricky
Nelson’s “Garden Party,” but it is my sincerest desire that something, somewhere
on these pages, resonates with every single person who picks it up. Whether it is
a topic that piques your interest, a story that hits home, an advertisement that
leads you to a memorable experience, an image that intrigues you, or even just one
sentence that makes you smile—if you catch but a glimpse of the joy that we get
from creating each monthly edition, then I have done my job.
Recently, we have particularly enjoyed diving into the more recent portals of
Galveston’s limitless history. This city is constantly evolving, sometimes at the hands
of Mother Nature, and sometimes simply through the sands of time. But this means
that a lot has changed in just the past thirty or forty years, and this month’s
takes a look at the cityscape during the 1980s, while Galveston Lost
features Central Plaza of the 1970s.
Taking it further back is the continuation of the Galveston Photographers series with
the story of the man behind the iconic photographs of the International Pageant of
Pulchritude held on the seawall in the 1920s and 30s.
Yet none of these go so far into the past as the Blocker Collections in the Moody
Medical Library of the University of Texas Medical Branch. With an inventory that
includes pieces from as early as the year 1300, enjoy an intimate look into this
stunning collection of rare books and historic artifacts.
Of course as fascinating as the history is, nothing compares to present-day
Galveston, and we strive to keep you connected with the city’s endless array of
entertainment and dining made unique by a diverse and art-centered culture. This
month, springtime is in full force—Around the Island and Downtown Focus are both
teeming with special events and announcements, the Galveston Galleries will get
you acquainted with the best of local talent and everything you need to know for
the upcoming ArtWalk, and the Calendar of Events is there to fill in almost every day
in between.
Remember, April is the month of Venus—so whatever you do, do it with love, and
that will make all the difference.
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APRIL 2017