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Keeping Cool
with Coffee
As spring and summer temperatures slowly begin to
rise here on the Island, even coffee will be trying to keep
cool. At Galveston Coffee Roasters, a Cold Drip Coffee
Tower brews daily, offering both an entertaining spectacle
for coffee lovers and free samples for everyone. Owner
John Alvarez shares a little insight to the unique cold drip
process, explaining that it is much different than “cold
brew,” in which a tea bag or toddy of coffee grounds is
soaked overnight in water. Cold Drip, also known as “Dutch
Coffee,” is a process where ice is slowly melted and dripped
over coffee grounds.
Since the water is cold, the oils in the coffee grounds
separate more easily. A ceramic disc in the bottom the
coffee grounds draws the oils out of the coffee during the
drip. The entire process takes about 24 hours and produces
a cold coffee with a clean, crisp, and flavorful taste that
Alvarez likens to a liqueur. A smaller, home-version of the
Cold Drip coffee tower will soon be available for sale at
Galveston Coffee Roasters.
Until then, Galveston’s only local world-class coffee
store also offers an ever-changing lineup of flavors for the
traditional brewing method. Decadent, dessert-inspired
grinds such as Snickerdoodle, Raspberry Fudge, and Almond
Cookie provide an excellent contrast to the earthy and
sophisticated flavors of Organic French Roast or Chicory, the
favorite of Louisiana Cajuns made famous
by Café du Monde in New Orleans.
While sampling the latest flavors and
viewing the impressive Cold Drip Coffee
Tower, do not hesitate to ask John Alvarez
for some helpful tips on brewing excellent
iced-coffee at home. Hint: It all starts with
a quality coffee bean, which can always
be found at:
Galveston Coffee Roasters
532 23rd Street (Corner of 23rd and Church).
Call 409.497.2754 for more information.
Cold Drip Coffee Tower
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APRIL 2017