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Throngs of people visited over its first weekend, and its popularity remained
such that by 1974 the plaza was being extended to also include the 2100 block
of Postoffice Street.
Unfortunately, the GCA dissolved within the next couple of years, leaving the
future of the concept entirely in the hands of the associated businesses. With
no leadership, no staff, and many of the original businesses who agreed to help
with maintenance slowly closing or moving elsewhere because of increasing
lack of interest, the condition of the plaza began to deteriorate. Furthermore,
the three-block crevasse between the burgeoning Strand and the Central Plaza
on Postoffice seemed insurmountable to many people who insisted that the
success of downtown would ultimately require some link between the two.
Central Plaza entrance 23rd Street.
By early 1975, the expansion of Central
Plaza in the 2100 block of Postoffice
was almost complete.
Images courtesy of the Rosenberg Library
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