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might take as long as three days to dry a single print.
One year at Christmastime, the rain in Galveston continued for
so long that some of the customers who had ordered pictures
for the holidays could not get them until Easter.
Once Maurer completed three years of apprenticeship with
Zahn, he left for St. Louis to study further under two of the best
photographers in the country at the time: Ed Roseh and John
Fizguerin. While there, a tornado struck the city, and it was
reported locally that he had been killed. Luckily for him, but not
another fellow, it was a different Mr. Maurer who lost his life.
After a brief time in Cincinnati, Maurer went to Havana, Cuba,
in January 1899 and remained there for three years to work
with the United States Army making pictures of yellow fever
Impressed with the young photographer’s work, Colonel
Theodore Baldwin invited the photographer to proceed to the
Third International Pageant of Pulchritude
and Ninth Annual Bathing Girl Revue held
in Galveston, June 1928
No. 2 Officers of Fifth Brigade
Galveston, March 1913
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