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When winemaker Dave Reilly talks about
his childhood, his fondest memories are of
the summers spent with his family at their
Galveston Island beach house. Though he is
now living his dream with his wife and children
in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, he speaks
lovingly of the sun and fun of his youth on the
island and his excitement of sharing it with the
next generation.
Reilly makes three whites for Duchman Family
Winery and notes not only how well they work
with Galveston’s local seafood, but also how
refreshing they can be on hot spring days. The
varieties of grapes he chooses may be lesser known to you than
Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio, but Reilly feels these Mediterranean
grape varieties are the ones that Texas is doing best.
For over a decade, Duchman Family Winery has emphasized
that their mission is to give wine consumers a true taste of
Texas by making wines with 100% Texas grown fruit. In order
to make the highest quality wine possible, high quality grapes
are needed. Trebbiano, Vermentino, and Viognier have shown
themselves to be important
white grapes for the state’s
wine producing future.
Reilly sources the fruit for
these three wines from the
esteemed Bingham Family
Vineyards located in the
High Plains of Texas.
Trebbiano is an Italian
grape and a varietal that
Reilly considers to be one
of the most exciting within
the Duchman line-up.
The grape creates wines with fresh acidity along with tropical
fruit and citrus aromas and flavors that work well with crudo
and other lighter fish dishes. The website details the casual
elegance of this wine by describing it as both “the perfect
match for a day by the pool and a sophisticated match to a well-
prepared meal.”
Viognier (pronounced vee-ohn-yay) is best known as the
premium white variety in the Rhone Valley of France. At one
Dave Reilly
Family Winery
Winemaker Dave Reilly
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