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time, the grape was almost extinct.
It has now been planted in vineyards
throughout the world and it has
enjoyed a resurgence in popularity
in recent years, particularly in Texas.
Reilly initially felt that he struggled
a bit with the cultivation of this
grape, but the Houston Livestock
Show and Rodeo Wine Competition
only saw the positive results and awarded it a double gold medal. Expect a
fresh, aromatic wine with a rich texture and peach, apricot and tangerine
notes that pairs well with a range of menu items from light vegetarian
dishes to ceviche to spicy Asian cuisine.
Vermentino is a grape that is found throughout France and Italy and
is known by a variety of other names including Rolle and Favorita. This
white wine is the cornerstone of the Duchman portfolio and has been
a consistent award winner, most recently earning a gold medal at the
San Francisco Chronicle’s wine
competition. This light, refreshing
white works particularly well with
oysters and other shellfish due to
its flavor profile which includes
citrus, light floral notes, and a
mineral-laced finish.
Red wine lovers should not
despair, Dave Reilly also makes a
fantastic line-up of these as well.
Winery owners Drs. Stan and Lisa
Duchman vacationed in Italy and
returned home with a dream of
creating some of the wines they
had enjoyed during their travels,
but with a Texas terroir twist.
Reilly makes single varietal
red wines from Italian grape
varieties like Sangiovese, Dolcetto,
Aglianico, and Montepulciano
along with a few proprietary
red blends. The food-friendly
Duchman Montepulciano is a fantastic red for the
season. This medium body wine has good acidity
with moderate tannins and alcohol which makes it
versatile with a variety of foods from pizza to roasted
or smoked meats.
Dave Reilly’s wine story starts simply with an idea
to plant a row of grapes for a weekend hobby with
an idea of someday making some home-made wine.
His love of the grape and passion for winemaking
has since propelled him into a new career where
he has become one of Texas’ most award-winning
winemakers, all the while raising the quality and
perception of Texas wine.
Raise a delicious glass of Duchman wine this spring
and toast to Island life and all that Texas offers.
The Duchman Family Vineyards
Viognier, Vermentino, and Montepulciano
are all available at Spec’s, 2711 61
Learn more and shop the complete line of
wines at
Dave Reilly sampling wine directly from barrel
Duchman Family Winery
Images courtesy of Duchman Family Vineyards
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