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A Wealth
“As one of UTMB’s most prized possessions,
the Blocker Collections reflect the
school’s dedication to its students and to
medicine as a whole. Of all of Dr. Blocker’s
achievements, why is this one considered
the greatest? The Collections’ importance
lies in its ability to transcend the limits of
time and place and celebrate the universal
human condition, including one of man’s
most notable traits—the spirit of scientific
enquiry. It tells of man’s eternal capacity
for greatness, as well as his never-ending
need for humility. Above all, it reminds us
that medicine must serve humanity—that
it must be an art marked by caring and
compassion, not merely an impersonal,
technological intervention.”
–Dr. Denton A. Cooley
he City of Galveston’s unbridled love
affair with history is a well-known facet
of its identity, but hiding in a rather
unexpected place is one of the island’s
largest collections of historical treasures.
Amid the sterility of a hospital environment
is gathered a fervently sentimental
outpouring of remembrance, collected and
overseen by former and present students
and faculty of the University of Texas
Medical Branch who regard the history of
medicine as a necessary aspect of its current
development. Considered one of the most
forward-thinking and cutting-edge research
hospitals in the world, UTMB represents the
future of medicine, thus it is only fitting that
the campus also houses an archive that fully
represents how far it has come.
RobertMarlin, Archivist
for the Blocker Collections,
next to Johan Remmelin’s
a pop-up anatomy book
from the year 1619
X-ray machine developed by Dr.
Felix P. Miller of UTMB, next to his
original experiment logs
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