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Kimber Fountain, Editor-in-chief
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This month’s cover features the work of popular Island artist Leroy LeFlore, who
has displayed his work at various galleries and during ArtWalks for the past thirty
years. His favorite themes are Galveston Island inspired landscapes, seascapes, and
neighborhood scenes. LeFlore is the featured artist during August at the Galveston
Art League, 2117 Postoffice. On display are many of his new works.
All it takes is to start a conversation
“No matter what anyone tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”
–John Keating (Robin Williams),
Dead Poets Society
In the vast scheme of the earth and the surrounding cosmos, Galveston is a very
small place, and this magazine is a very small endeavor. When all of the so-called
troubles of the planet are accessible from a computer in our pocket, it is easy to
think that no lone individual could ever do anything positive enough to be of any
consequence. Yet a vast prairie is comprised of single blades of grass, the ocean
of tiny droplets, and even single-celled organisms can play a crucial role in the
ecological underpinnings of our biosphere. How, then, can we render ourselves
The world is made up of continents, which are made up of countries, which are
made up of states and cities, which contain neighborhoods—in which dwell the
people. And just like how the single drop of water creates a ripple on the pond
that radiates out far from the original impact, so do the conversations between
neighbors influence our community, which influences the city…which somewhere
down the line, influences the world.
Many philosophers, motivational speakers, and mystics maintain that a positive
thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative one, and if that is true,
then no matter the number of naysayers, critics, or the generally and perpetually
unsatisfied, the good ideas will always win out. Thus when we withdraw our
attention from the world, we change the world.
When we cease to allow the plight of the world to be our main focus, and instead
positively focus on the community right in front of us and what we can do to serve
it and inspire it and better it, even if just for a moment, we create a platform of
positive energy that truly knows no bounds.
In Galveston’s case, the great achievements of the city have been the ones that
not only influenced the world, but the future. The construction of the seawall has
protected generations of islanders, the famous architects who thought they were
building a bank were actually building the frame of an entire industry that would
not be created until one hundred years later.
And even though we would not dare to assume that our little magazine could
change the world, we boldly believe that our readers can. Perhaps you will attend
an event, and there you will make a new business alliance that will contribute to our
city’s economy. Maybe you will read a tale of a selfless businessman that will change
your whole perspective on life, or book an excursion where you will come into close
contact with our thriving ecosystem and bless the people trying to conserve it. It
could even happen that a history article may highlight an important issue facing
Galveston’s downtown that sparks your interest, which starts a conversation, and
finds a solution.
At the very least, may you be reminded in some way of the beauty that surrounds us
every day on the island, whether you are here briefly or eternally, and perhaps even
turn that good moment into a good day, and those good days into a great life.