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AUGUST 2017 |
directly opposite the island, along
with the water in between the two,
he reported to the President and
Board of GCSF in 1874 that he was
able to pinpoint a route that not
only traversed one of the shortest
possible distances between Galveston
Island and the mainland, but also
traveled over a portion of water with
a minimum and uniform depth that
would reduce construction costs.
Over on Broadway, residential
development began to move
westward, although it ended abruptly
at the city limit of 57
Street. Just
beyond that line, the island had
formed a small peninsula between
the bay and Offatts Bayou. At the
end of this peninsula is where Bragg
found his mark, and Galveston’s first
rail bridge was constructed between
there and Virginia Point. For the
next thirty years, it would be the
island’s only direct link to the interior,
but its placement would ultimately
determine the future of Broadway
Avenue as the main entrance to
Young girl near Oleanders on Broadway near 28th Street, c. 1900
Galveston coast survey map that included plans for a possible rail line off island, c. 1862
Maps courtesy of John Hall