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AUGUST 2017 |
n a summer day in the late 18
Century, a member of Galveston’s
Karankawa tribe stands silently in a West Bay Cove surveying the
clear waters for signs of fish. He spots tailing red fish along the
edge of the marsh grass. With his spear resting on his shoulder, he
stealthily stalks his prey who are busy feeding, unaware of his presence.
He moves closer, and with a dart-like throw he impales his first red. Soon
after, he repeats the feat, and carries his catch back to his village near
where modern-day Jamaica Beach residents now live.
Fishermen can still experience the stalk and catch of Galveston’s original
fisherman with Galveston Fly Fishing Adventures, owned and operated
by Captain Eric Trout. Eric is an expert fly fisherman and excellent guide,
a dedicated purist to the sport for eight years. He puts the fisherman in a
position to sight-cast a variety of fish while poling deftly through shallow
grass flats and sand pockets along the shoreline of Galveston Bay.
An enjoyable excursion for every skill level, from experienced fly
fisherman to the novice, the sights along the way offer a unique look at
the bay’s ecosystem that can only be appreciated from the vantage point
of the casting platform affront a stealth vessel flawlessly maneuvered by
its captain.
I was fortunate enough to be treated to a day aboard Eric’s seventeen-
foot Hell’s Bay poling skiff. I have fished Galveston West Bay for over fifty
years and thought I had seen everything; however, being poled silently
along shorelines and coves, many through which I have waded, gave me
a new perspective and new appreciation for marine-life living in only
inches of water.
g a l v e s t o n
fly fishing adventures
By Ted Dudley
Captain Eric Trout
Capt. Trout’s 2017
Hell’s Bay Professional