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Red fish, speckled trout, small jack fish, stingrays, sheepshead, blue
crabs, and countless schools of small bait fish were thriving in the clear
grass filtered waters. In the spirit of the Karankawa, I noticed many
Blue Herons and Egrets seemingly motionless with beaks ready to
spear passing schools of fish. This endless beauty of nature continued
throughout the day.
I have spent years on and in the water chasing elusive bait where I
assumed unseen fish were lurking beneath, but seeing the fish, then casting
to it, is an experience never to forget, and one I soon plan to repeat.
At a predetermined boat dock, Eric and I met at 7am. Shortly after we
left safe harbor, he “power-poled” down and for the next twenty minutes,
gave me my first lessons in fly casting.
Once I was comfortable with presenting the fly, we proceeded to pole
protected shorelines with me, poised on the bow, fly rod in hand, and
Eric subtly and quietly guiding us through the shallow flats. Instantly, we
started seeing a variety of marine life. The first of hundreds of small rays
appeared, then a blue crab, and next, a sheepshead scurries out of the
grass. Finally, caught sight of our first red fish.
Eric announces, “Red fish ten o’clock, twenty feet,” and with a couple of
quick flicks I laid my fly in front of the fish. “Strip, strip, strip,” Eric instructs
as the red fish pounces on the imitation shrimp fly. Suddenly the fish
grabs hold, and the pound for pound fight for one of the strongest fish in
the bay is on. Eric led to opportunity after opportunity, as I had dozens of
chances to cast to feeding or fleeing fish. My only limitation was my own
skill level.
We took a midday break to visit and eat lunch. Eric provided sandwiches
from a local Galveston eatery and a variety of snacks along with water and
sodas. Not only is Eric a skilled guide, he is genuinely a gracious host and
all around good guy.
We resumed our quest for another hook set and fished the north shore
and the south shore of Galveston’s West Bay. Every spot in which we
stopped, there were multiple opportunities to sight-cast for fish. Hour
upon hour, I became more enthralled with fly fishing.
Although my lack of expertise could get frustrating, in no way did this
discourage me. In fact, I am currently searching the internet to determine
my first fly rod and reel purchase.
Galveston Fly Fishing Adventures
offers Half-day and Full-day charters
as well as Catch-and-Release.
For more information visit,
email, or call
Capt. Trout holding sheepshead
Poling in the shallow flats offers unique
fishing opportunities
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