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harles J. Michaelis was born in Roundtop, Texas on September
20, 1866. As a young boy, he was sent abroad to Europe for a
thorough education which concluded in Germany with the study
of pharmacy. Upon his arrival back in Texas, Michaelis moved to
Galveston and served as a prescription clerk for the island-based Vuers,
Preston, & Co. for eight years and was then hired by the J.J. Schott Drug
Company to head its prescription department.
Schott himself had received his pharmaceutical training as an apprentice
in what is considered the first drug store in Galveston, The Behrmann
Drug Store, and had gone on to become one of the main medical suppliers
to physicians and drugstores in Galveston and throughout Texas.
Two years into his employment with Mr. Schott, Michaelis at last decided
to rouse the fates and venture off on his own. In 1891, he founded Star
Drug Store on the southwest corner of 23
Street and Postoffice, located
on the very block it would inhabit for over a century, albeit in three
different locations.
By 1893, Star had grown such that a new location was needed, and
Michaelis found it right across the street. Years prior in 1886, a prominent
Galvestonian with massive real estate holdings named T.H. Scanlon
hired local architect Nicholas Clayton to build two separate but adjacent
By Kimber Fountain
Star Drug Store Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary of Historic Lunch Counter
buildings with a seamless façade. Located on the
southeast corner of 23
Street and Postoffice, one
building sat directly on the corner, the other lay just
to its south spanning to the middle of the block, and
each had neighboring entrances facing 23
Shortly after reopening at his new location in
Scanlon’s corner building, the
Galveston Daily News
reported that Michaelis “had recently renovated the
A Star Studded Centennial
Star Drug Store prior to
reopening, August 3, 2006