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AUGUST 2017 |
Photos by Kimber Fountain
fixtures and purchased a full and complete line of fresh drugs,
perfumes, and fancy articles, as well as a large assortment of
imported and domestic cigars… During the summer months all
the latest and cooling ‘soda drinks’ can be found at the soda
Star Drug Store would occupy that southeast corner building,
directly across from its first location and right next to its last, for
over twenty-five years. During this time Michaelis successfully
built an empire that included expansive real estate investments
and a thriving laundering business called Model Laundry
that became an umbrella company for three other successful
endeavors: Ideal Dry Cleaning Company, Model Linen Supply
Company, and Family Washing Company. He was also an
organizing founder and director of the Guaranty Building and
Loan Company as well as a major stock holder.
As he also expanded his drugstore operations under a
namesake business called Star Drug Company, Michaelis
began to take on partners and sell out portions of his business
interests. On January 4, 1917, he was listed alongside Gaston
H. Wilder and W.A. Hughes as proprietors of Star in an
announcement of the company’s intention to buy the two
adjacent buildings at 23
and Postoffice from the estate of T.H.
Scanlon, now owned by his heirs.
The building on the corner where the drugstore was currently
located was to be leased to the firm of E.S. Levy & Co., a well-
known Galveston business that started in 1877. The building to
the south would be completely renovated for Star Drug Store’s
new location, with large-scale improvements that Michaelis
predicted would put Star Drug Store on the level with big-city
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Star Drug interior soda fountain counter
Week of August 7-13
Complimentary Birthday Cake
Week of August 14-20
100 CENT Sof t Drink Sodas
Week of August 21-27
100 CENT Mini Floats
Week of August 28-September 3
100 CENT Mini Ice Cream Cones
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Star Drug Store
510 23
open every day from 8:30am to 3pm.
Visit or
find them on Facebook and Twitter.
100 Year
For the entire month of August,
Star Drug Store will celebrate the soda fountain
100-year anni versary with ongoing specials.
Store owner Natili Monsurd greeting customers