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AUGUST 2017 |
ana Garcia has always loved bling—but not the
gaudy, showy, “look at me” kind that has been
popularized by hip hop culture. Garcia is drawn to
tasteful, sentimental bling.
“I have always loved jewelry. As a child, my mom would
kid me about having a ring on every finger,” says Garcia,
a Galveston jewelry designer and the owner of Jana’s
Jewels. “I guess it was my destiny.”
Garcia’s pieces are created using vintage silverware such
as a treasured childhood spoon or a family heirloom—sea
glass, fine stones, an antique broach are repurposed as a
one-of-a-kind necklace. She also creates rings, earrings,
bracelets, anklets, and bejeweled fashion mirrors. Prices
range from $30 to $300, depending on the piece.
“I think one of the most unique pieces I made was a
vintage mirror. I collected lot of flower and butterfly
brooches from the 60s, and I attached them to a vintage
mirror. It was quite stunning,” Garcia remembers.
“One of my favorite pieces I made was a Galveston spoon
I made into a ring for a customer who was a BOI (Born On
the Island). She loves it and wears it all the time.”
Garcia’s work can be found several places around
Galveston, including The Bryan Museum, located in the
historic Galveston Orphans Home; Arts on Mechanic, an
eclectic gallery in the historic downtown area across the
street from the Tremont Hotel; and at The Market Place at
the Peanut Butter Warehouse.
By Donna Gable Hatch
Photos by Shawna Hall
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