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“Ferry Life Jacket Cannisters” by Ruth Downes
Third Coast Gallery is pleased to announce a new
exhibit featuring the paintings of two talented local
artists. Ruth Downes lives in Galveston and as well as
being a talented painter, is the wife of Jamie White,
the former Director of the Elissa. Melinda Patrick
lives in Magnolia, Texas and paints wonderful stylized
venues of Galveston. This is the first time showing at
Third Coast for both artists. Although the two have
vastly different styles, the unity in the messages of
their works complement each other well, creating a
cohesive and incredibly enjoyable exhibit.
Third Coast Gallery
2413 Mechanic | 409.974.4661
Open Thur.-Mon. 10am-6pm, and by appointment
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Vacation on Canvas Gallery
22nd and Postoffice | 409.974.4066
Open Wed.-Mon. Noon-6pm or by appointment
Life on the island is like one big, long weekend, the
perfect amount of time to take a Vacation on Canvas
and view Robert Peterson’s newest collection of
original paintings. Robert has expertly captured
the island environment in brilliant, vivid colors and
precise detail, with all the relaxing comfort that
has become his trademark. Along with his original
paintings, Robert offers reproductions of his artwork
in canvas giclées, cards, paper prints, and one-of-a-
kind ceramic tiles. Experience what island living is all
about at the Vacation on Canvas Gallery.
“find your beach” BY ROBERT PETERSON
“early evening” by gayle reynolds
The Water’s Edge Studio and Gallery
1302 21st Street | 409.762.1925
Open Thur.-Sat. 10am-5pm or by appointment
Painter Gayle Reynolds is at work water coloring some lovely Galveston
buildings, and these paintings will be featured at the August 26 ArtWalk.
Hours at the gallery for that evening are from 4pm-8pm, in order to give
visitors a chance to go off the beaten path and visit The Water’s Edge early
in the evening before continuing on to Postoffice Street. In the boatroom
, Rex Reynolds continues building his Adirondack tallboys. These local
favorites are on display and available for sitting throughout the gallery,
often alongside one of Rex’s seven refurbished dories. Other artists include
the bronze sculptures of Pat Moberley Moore, the pottery of Madeleine
Baker, and primitive necklaces by Chase Jennings.