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AUGUST 2017 |
Galveston Art League
2117A Postoffice | 409.621.1008
Open Thur.-Sun. 12pm-6pm
Featured artist for this August, Leroy LeFlore resides in
Galveston and has displayed his work at various galleries
and during ArtWalks for the past thirty years. His favorite
themes are Galveston Island inspired landscapes,
seascapes, and neighborhood scenes. He also periodically
diverts into maritime themes from past centuries. LeFlore
works primarily in oil and watercolor. This particular show
will feature new works, many that have not been shown
before, including several recent “
en plein air
” paintings.
“the cormorant” by leroy leflore
2427 Market Street | 409.392.3331
Open Wed.-Sat. 11am-4pm or by appointment
Giant features a memorable panoply of challenging art
and new design. The artists of Giant and visual+actual
have produced and brought together a variety of modern
painting, sculpture, drawings, and furniture. Paintings
on dibond by artists Esso and O.T. bring fuzzy and crisp
color shapes into perfect juxtaposition, creating tough
neo-geo work ideal for the modern world. Marion
Mercer begins her drawings on multi-media paper with
acrylic geometric blocks and finishes with an India ink
line image. Owner-gallerist Milton Ausherman shows
the latest of his delicate, painted wooden sculpture and
furniture reinterpretations, from hairpin leg desks and
coffee tables to chalkboard sideboards and dining tables.
Selected works by other artists.
“Glazed glitter” by esso
It is the summer of bird paintings at René Wiley Gallery with
the exhibition
Summer Nests
, filled with bright oil paintings featuring
coastal birds against abstract color. Other recent works include
landscapes of beach umbrellas and chairs under the island sun,
rooftop views of Galveston Island, mixed media works by daughters,
Rachel Wiley-Janota and Samantha Wiley, beautiful new tree
sculptures from James Phillips and intricate wooden bowls by Dale
Hooks, as well as new hand dyed fabric mosaics by Brenda Bunten-
Schloesser and colorful glass sculptures by Bill Meek. The gallery
offers paid parking, gift certificates, and shipping for customers’
convenience. Ask about discounts for previous collectors and
commissioned pieces for personalized gifts.
René Wiley Gallery
2128 Postoffice | 409.750.9077
Open Daily 11am-6pm
“graceful ascent” by René wiley