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Kimber Fountain, Editor-in-chief
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On our cover
No matter where you are reading this, somewhere in your vicinity is at least a
small piece of the picturesque trappings left behind by the Victorian Era. It was a
time when the gilded architecture represented a rather rebellious outpouring of
creativity that seems to have overflowed from the confines of a restrained societal
construct. As those shackles were loosened over the course of the 20
and not without some difficulties along the way, Galveston metamorphosed into a
modern-day melting pot whose essence and spirit reflects fully its physical artistry.
That may seem like a rather complicated way to tell you why I love Mardi Gras,
but I truly see the festival as a significant part of Island culture, both as an historic
tradition and a reflection of the city’s uniqueness. Even though we cannot claim
Mardi Gras as exclusively our own, I still regard it as a symbol and celebration of
everything that makes Galveston great.
Galveston is a rare bird, much like Mardi Gras that is only selectively observed in
certain geographic regions, but a fervent reverence for each has kept them both
thriving for centuries. The brilliant colors, the innumerable spectacles, the reckless
abandon for living—all traits of a holiday well-suited for this city, or of a city well-
deserving of this holiday.
Here at Galveston Monthly we were especially excited for Mardi Gras this year,
because the way it fell on the calendar gave us the opportunity to dedicate an entire
edition to the celebration. You will find it full of all of the pomp and circumstance
fitting for this most opulent of holidays, including history, a full calendar of events
for the official Mardi Gras! Galveston festivities, and an innumerable amount of
suggestions for infusing purple, green, and gold into every day of the month. From
muffulettas to cocktails, this month the celebration goes wherever you go.
And remember, life is like a grand parade—you might get smacked in the face with
some beads, but the fun will always be worth it.
Life is Like
a Grand
Our cover this month is a creation titled “Sea
Turtle” by artist Kristin Church of KJR Creations.
Church specializes in Pyrography, also known as
the art of wood burning. Read more about her
and her new gallery on page 18.
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