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JULY 2017
Kimber Fountain, Editor-in-chief
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This month’s cover features the work of popular Island artist J. A. Soukup. Entitled
“Night Light,” the original painting (pictured above) is currently on display and
available at Arts on Mechanic, 2309 Mechanic in downtown Galveston. A number of
other original works and canvas giclée prints by Soukup are also on display.
when you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at change
July—one of only two personified months that is not named after a god or goddess,
but instead by the man who fancied himself even loftier—Julius Caesar. It is also one
of only two months that represent the exact opposites on the seasonal calendar.
Technically thought of as the hottest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere
(except in Texas, when August says to July, “hold my beer…”), in the Southern
Hemisphere, July actually equates to the coldest month of the year.
Perhaps some may find it rather contrived, but I find nature to be one of the best
teachers. July brings to mind the lesson behind “two sides to every story,” which
is ultimately only a matter of perspective. The same month yields two perfectly
contrasting experiences, the only difference is where you happen to be standing.
An hour waiting at the doctor’s office is the same length as an hour of conversation
with an old friend, and you certainly do not need to be told which one feels longer.
But only your perspective changed, the hour itself did not.
Towards the end of July is about the time when the summer frenzy of visitors to
the island starts to become somewhat laborious to residents. But if we consciously
choose to see Galveston’s ever-growing popularity as beneficial to us all, and decide
to be grateful that we get to live in a place that
others only get to visit, suddenly the burden of
traffic and littering and crowds becomes a bit
more bearable.
Here at
Galveston Monthly
, we try to see even
more than two sides in every story, we usually
shoot for
sides, especially the ones that are
not always the most apparent. Anyone can give
you information off a website, or describe their
favorite dish, but only here can you find the
inspiration, the personality, the meaning behind
what drives successful Islanders to make a life out
of making a difference.
This month those stories include the power
couple behind Saving 1900 Realty, the topic of the HGTV Pilot
Saving Galveston
who are tireless in their desire to breathe new life into forgotten houses, as well
as the faces and philosophy of the Galveston Kindness Project that is working to
transform downtown into an outdoor art museum. Also featured is the creative
brilliance behind Old Moon Deli & Pies, a downtown eatery that immediately
became a local favorite and has filled a niche that we did not even know needed
(chocolate) filling.
Our never-ending journey into the portals of island history carries on with Galveston
Lost, which this month continues the tale of the once-thriving block of 2200 Market
Street, and our seasonal regulars feature fun with summer wine and gardening, as
well as the latest news and upcoming events.
But wherever your summer takes you, let July be your constant reminder—when
you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.