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JULY 2017
Street Mural Adds New Dimension to Galveston Art Scene
“My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who you are,
to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness.”
–Maya Angelou
By Kimber Fountain
new movement in Galveston is slowly gaining momentum,
and social media has recently exploded with its infinite
iterations of kindness, respect, and empathy, often with
a vibrant backdrop of homespun art. Headquartered
inside Clay Cup Studios on 22
Street downtown, the Galveston
Kindness Project is led by Erin Toberman and her passionately
sensitive alter ego, Bee Kind. But what began as an initiative
to bolster awareness in kids of how their behavior can affect
each other, and how it is always “cool to be kind,” has since
blossomed into an artistic movement poised to elevate even
further the city’s already prolific arts scene.
The Beissner Building at 2123 Postoffice was built in 1907 and
originally used as an office building by Charles L. Beissner, Sr., one
of the original settlers of the Texas frontier. He came to Galveston
in 1842 and quickly rose to prominence as a businessman and
community leader. From 1930 to 1997, the building housed a
sentimental favorite of longtime residents, McCrory’s Five & Dime
Store. Since then, it has been waiting stoically for its new purpose,
often championed by the Galveston Historical Foundation which
placed the building on its 2015 Heritage at Risk list.
In the meantime, its exterior is being lovingly fostered by the
Galveston Kindness Project. Together with Amy Owens, owner of
The building at 22
and Postoffice,
before and after the murals.