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JULY 2017 |
Photos by Kathleen Maca
don’t gravitate towards. But she really
loves the ones that seem beyond repair,”
reveals Michael.
“It’s always exciting when we buy these
old houses and they’re boarded up,” she
smiles, “then you take the boards off
and you either have no door, a really bad
door or…yeah!”
Pointing out different features such as
pocket doors, molding, and hardware,
they discuss their plans to bring them
back to their original states.
“Things were just made better back in
the day. I want to bring those original
details back to life,” Ashley says.
“It’s easy to tear down a house and
rebuild it,” states Michael. “We don’t
want the easy route. We want something
special. When houses look like this with
stuff hanging from the ceiling and it looks
kind of like a haunted house, it often
looks worse than it is. With this one, it’s
mostly cosmetic work that needs to be
Ashley even worries about things bigger
companies would not do, like rescuing
hatchlings from nests in shutters being
removed. “In the middle of a really busy
Michael eventually quit his other job in
2015. Ashley’s current position allows her
to work from home, leaving her with a
flexible schedule.
“Some of these houses have been
touched so many times,” explains Ashley.
“We do our best to look for original
details and figure out how it would have
“We also landmark all of our houses,”
she adds.
The Galveston Historical Foundation
has already acknowledged the Cordray’s
work, awarding Save 1900 Realty a
Sally Wallace Preservation Award
for Outstanding Rehabilitation. The
restoration that garnered this attention
was the 1907 George and Lucile Murray
House at 2912 Avenue P.
The couple is presently working on
three projects, with several more lined
up for the near future.
Walking through a current restoration
project with the couple, both their
enthusiasm and knowledge are obvious.
“It was built in 1907 and Ashley wasn’t
too keen on buying it at first because it
wasn’t falling over…which most people
Exterior of house being
renovated by Save 1900
exterior of project house
Interior of project house