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JULY 2017
D r i n k i n g P a s o
between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the diversity of the
region’s terroir became better understood.
In 2014, eleven new AVAs within the Paso Robles AVA were
recognized as distinct wine growing sub-regions. Wines that reflect
these new designated labels will soon become more common in
the market.
Sub-region classifications are important because the unique
characteristics that each of them possess are due to the
differences in the terroir that create subtle differences in the
grapes. Things like different types of soils, amount of sun exposure,
vineyard elevation, level of rainfall, and temperature range are
aspects of terroir which can influence the quality and taste of the
grapes and eventually influence the ensuing wine.
The advantage of identifying these special micro-climates
for consumers is a greater ease in finding other wines with
On the Wine List:
Robert Hall Merlot
This silky smooth red has
aromas and flavors of black
cherry, plum and a touch of
cedar, making it a perfect
complement for the Shrimp
and Grits or with anything on
the Farm-raised menu.
J. Lohr Seven Oaks Cabernet
- An easy-drinking
anytime red with aromas and
flavors of blackberry, cherry,
baking spice, and toast, a
classic choice with the Gold
Burger but also tasty with the
New Orleans Crawfish Bread.
Justin Cabernet Sauvignon
Olympia Grill at Pier 21
Whether you are pairing
this wine with any of their
delicious lamb dishes, the
decadent half-pound burger
or just sharing it at sunset
with friends, this red is
always a solid choice. Dry
and full-bodied with bright
aromas and flavors of black
currant, dried leaves and a
caramelized toasted note in
the lightly lingering finish, this
is certainly a crowd-pleaser.
Justin Isosceles
Number 13
An iconic wine from the region,
this Cabernet Sauvignon-based
wine is blended with some
Cabernet Franc and Merlot to
create a big, generous dry red
with intense aromas of ripe
black currant, blackberries,
plum, and cocoa along with a
bit of spice in the lush, lengthy
finish. Enjoy this wine with any
of the restaurant’s prime steak