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JULY 2017 |
o n t h e i s l a n d
characteristics similar to those of previously enjoyed Paso
Robles wines. By more precisely defining the provenance
of the grapes, consumers can choose to purchase (or not)
certain varietals from certain areas. Wine labels from the
area will continue to include the name
Paso Robles
, with
the new AVA designation to further simplify identification
for the wine buyer.
Although Paso Robles grows a varied assortment of grapes,
the majority of their production is for red wine; currently
only twelve percent of the grapes grown in the region are
white varieties. Right now, look for exceptional Cabernet
Sauvignon and easy drinking New World style red blends
from the area, but do not be surprised to see an increase in
smaller production dry rosé and interesting white varietals
and blends as the region continues to develop.
Made in America and
barbecue friendly, these wines
are all under $20 a bottle,
perfect for any summer
Robert Hall Rosé de Robles
Medium body with strawberry
and tangerine notes, a
refreshing summer pink.
Liberty School Cabernet
Juicy aromas and flavors
of boysenberry and
pomegranate with black tea
notes in the velvety finish.
J. Lohr Los Osos Merlot
- Fuller
bodied and lush with dark
berry and cherry aromas
and flavors along with some
milk chocolate in the smooth
Vina Robles Red 4
- A four
grape blend of Petite Sirah,
Syrah, Mourvedre and
Grenache. Medium-bodied
and full-flavored with soft
tannins and good acidity,
notes of cherry, leather, and
tobacco in the lingering,
slightly savory finish.
Peachy Canyon Incredible Red
This Zinfandel-based wine has
just a touch of Petite Sirah
which makes for a smooth,
round, full-bodied red with
fruity dark berry aromas and
flavors and a spicy, savory
note in the finish.
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