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JULY 2017 |
Old Moon Deli & Pies serves only the freshest and finest
ingredients in their sandwiches. They use only Boars
Head meats and cheeses, and their bread is baked fresh
daily by a local Houston bakery. They also offer several
vegetarian and vegan options crafted from organic
vegetables, and a high-quality vegetarian patty.
“We wanted to make classic sandwiches,” Margaret
explains of their menu, “like the Monte Cristo and the
Cuban,” both of which are featured on the specialty
sandwich menu. The Monte Cristo is panini-pressed,
dusted with powdered sugar, and drizzled with local
honey (instead of syrup) for that added Galveston flare.
Other specialties include an egg salad or a specially
crafted tuna salad with pecans for texture.
In addition to several specialty sandwiches, Old Moon
also offers a build-your-own option. “We didn’t want
people to be limited to the menu,” says Patrick. By way of
a conveniently located clipboard and personalized order
form, guests can select their own bread, meats, cheeses,
toppings, sauces, and sides for a truly customizable
About The
Old Moon
As for the pies, Margaret attests that in designing the
deli, “I just love pie. I tried to figure out a way to have pie
all the time.” In creating their signature pie, she used for
inspiration one of her favorite treats, a dark chocolate
raspberry candy bar.
“I wanted a pie that tasted exactly like that candy bar,”
she says, and a talented friend was able to develop a recipe
that did just that. For the pie purists, Old Moon also offers
classics such as pecan, coconut cream, chocolate, and peach.
Old Moon Deli & Pies is located at 408 23
Open Tuesday-Friday 11am-3pm, Saturday and Sunday
11am-4pm, closed Monday. For more information
In addition to several
specialty sandwiches,
Old Moon also offers a
build-your-own option
Old Moon offers
pie by the slice,
whole pies and
mini whole pies