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JULY 2017
THE Heard Gallery
2217 Postoffice | 903.357.9073
Open Tues.-Sat. 11am-5pm, Sun. 2pm-5pm
This featured painting by gallery owner
and artist Ray Heard, entitled
The Cottage
, measures an impressive four-
foot-square and incorporates thick brush
strokes and even thicker pallet knife
applications. This artistic combination is
meant to encourage a multi-dimensional
experience, giving viewers a sense of
walking right into the painting. This
work is the second of a new series by
Heard entitled
Galveston Yards and
, and he is currently accepting
photo submissions of similar scenes to
add to this collection. With this offer to
participate in this series of paintings,
Heard hopes to present to the public a
side of Galveston’s beauty that is not
often seen.
“the cottage outback” by Ray Heard
Galveston Arts Center
2127 Strand | 409.763.2403
Open Tue.-Sat. 11am-5pm, Sun. Noon-5pm
This July, Galveston Arts Center (GAC)
presents two exhibitions in conjunction
opening Saturday,
July 15 from 6pm to 9pm with artist
talks beginning at 6:30pm. In the first
floor gallery, Abhidnya Ghuge transforms
wood-block printed paper plates
into an immersive installation for the
Changing Perspectives
. On the
second floor inside the 1878 and Brown
Foundation Galleries,
Collective Pulse
a collaborative exhibit that includes a
selection of work by members of Burning
Bones Press, a printmaking studio in the
Houston Heights. It features a variety
of print media including etchings,
lithographs, woodcuts, screen prints and
monoprints. Both exhibits will remain on
view through August 20.
“our lives are green”
by abhidnya ghuge
untitled by daniel elliott
Third Coast Gallery is pleased to
announce the presence of two new
artists this July, both of which beautifully
complement the established works of
gallery owner Jack Morris and other
permanent gallery artists. The works of
Third Coast Gallery
2413 Mechanic | 409.974.4661
Open Thur.-Mon. 10am-6pm, and by appointment
Daniel Elliott will be on display for the
third time at the gallery, and as always his
work has brought a palpable exhilaration
to the space. For the first time, Third
Coast will feature the paintings of Robert
Fox. Fox is a Galveston resident and a
professor at the University of Houston
whose unencumbered approach brings a
freedom to his work.