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JULY 2017 |
Paul Verkin
on a bicycle
By Kathleen Maca
istoric photos are universally fascinating.
They open a portal to the past and allow the
viewer to see what life was like in days gone
by, and at times they can even reveal how
some things have remained unchanged although many
years have passed.
One of the most prominent names in Galveston’s
heritage of photography is German immigrant Paul Verkin,
the head of a family of photographers who captured
generations of images depicting life on the island.
Just two years after his father’s death, 14-year-old
Verkin, his mother Mulvina Eselnown Verkin, and younger
brother Maxwell emigrated from Berlin in November
1874 in search of opportunity. They arrived in New York
City from Hamburg aboard the S. S. Lessing, and made
a home.
Paul Verkin with sons Melvin E., George, Louis and Paul R.
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