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JULY 2017
Paul studied photography and found work in the city taking photos for
several years. Max became a barber in New Jersey.
In 1881, Paul accepted an invitation to come to Austin and subsequently
moved to the Lone Star State. There, he and Spencer H. Cooper founded the
photography firm of Cooper & Verkin. The partners operated successfully in
Austin until Verkin moved for a brief time to Mexia in 1885.
Within a year, the photographer relocated to Denison and purchased a
studio above the Corner Palace Saloon at the corner of Houston Avenue and
Main Street.
He was active in the large German
community there, and even became a
“turnwart,” or gym instructor, in the two-
story German social club Verein Vorwaerts
owned by Denison’s mayor.
It was in this city that he met and married
Illinois native Lillian Belle Evans in August
1887. The couple soon grew into a family
with the birth of three sons between 1888
and 1893: Mulvin, Paul Roland, and Louis.
While in Denison, Verkin took occasional
photography assignments in surrounding
areas and Indian Territory, and the local
newspaper occasionally printed his updates
of situations in these regions. In addition to
his individual photographs, he also worked
as a partner in the photographic firm of
Verkin & Enos, with well-known crayon
artists Edwin W. Enos and his wife Rose.
After the birth of their third son, the
Verkin family moved to Houston where they
roomed at 615 Fannin in downtown, just a
two-block walk from Paul’s new job at the
studio of Charles J. Wright on Main Street.
The lure of prospects in Galveston, which
was Texas’ largest city at the time, brought
Right and below:
Old City Hall
Auto race on Galveston beach