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JUNE 2017
Kimber Fountain, Editor-in-chief
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On our cover
This month’s cover features the work of
popular local photographer Billy “Billiblues”
Hill. Entitled
Galaxy Wheel Sunrise
, the shot
was taken at sunrise during one of those
quintessential island mornings when the
cool north winds create a calm Gulf that
inspires fish and dolphins to leap from the
water. Follow Billy at
to see his daily posts of island photography
and a live HD webcam of the beach.
Big City in a Small Town’s Body
As I was writing the final installment of
The Strand Chronicles
for this edition, I was
reminded of one of the reasons why I love living in Galveston—the opportunity to
support small business. I often refer to Galveston as a “big city in a small town’s
In addition to the diverse culture, open-minded population, and overwhelming
presence of art and artists, the network of such a wide array of small business
not only rescues consumers from the tedium of corporate enterprises and big
box stores, it gives us the chance to be a part of someone’s lifelong dream. In my
five years of covering all of the individuals who weave the fabric of Galveston’s
identity—from musicians to shop owners to restaurateurs to entrepreneurs, they all
have one thing in common—they are all on journeys of self-discovery and making
the most out of their lives.
In fact,
Galveston Monthly
is a small business itself, and not only do we humbly
appreciate the business of our fellow local endeavors, we strive to make every
edition as meaningful as the lives that contribute to it. That is why when you read
our feature articles, whether it is about history or present day, we do not regale you
with information that can easily be found on a website, but instead work to ferret
out the humanity behind the brick and mortar, the story behind the business, the
dream behind the person.
This month those lively profiles take us back with a continuation of the
Photographers Series and another rare glimpse into the people behind the famous
historical photos that are so much a part of the island’s history. And on the flipside,
a new Galveston Lost summer reading series about the 2200 block of Market is not
only a celebration of small businesses of the past, but a pointed commentary on
what happens when uninterested and uninspired corporate parties assume control
of valuable downtown real estate.
For our seasonal features this month, we offer a local’s look at one of Galveston’s
favorite pastimes—beachcombing, with insider tips and hints for finding coastal
treasures. Also this summer, the Island welcomes back another Island favorite
with open arms. Just last year, Texas Family Musicals, formerly Galveston Island
Outdoor Musicals, returned their summer stock season to Galveston after a seven
year absence. Opt for a fun summer workout by digging in the dirt with our garden
feature, then cool off and celebrate summer with a sensational selection of seasonal
And as much as we love it when you stay inside and read, we also love to get you
out and about with an overflowing Calendar of Events, Around the Island, and
Downtown Focus sections that give you the scoop on all the latest happenings in
Wishing you a summer full of laughter, fun, and finding your dreams.