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Epiphyllum oxypetalum
Bizarre and enchanting, the
Night Blooming Cereus is well
known for its fragrant white
blossoms that flower only in
the dark of night and close up
at sunrise, with an aromatic
perfume that has been said
to have the power to steal your soul.
Also called Orchid Cactus, this is an easy-to-grow plant that
favors filtered sunlight and dry conditions. The flat, sword-shaped
leaves may grow up to two feet and sprout several large blooms
along the edges, making it very striking and quite impressive.
Discovered in the 1700s in the jungles of Central and South
America, this night-bloomer quickly spread to Europe where
its popularity increased and hybridization occurred among its
enthusiastic admirers. Since that time, Southern California with
its favorable climate has become the night-blooming cereus
capitol of the world.
Plant in a container of well-draining, organically enriched
soil or potting mix in partial shade. Hanging baskets make an
interesting statement as well. This salt-tolerant plant needs
only an occasional feeding of a balanced formula fertilizer in
spring and summer. Root bound plants tend to bloom more
abundantly so repot only if necessary. Cuttings taken from the
stem may be placed directly into soil for easy propagation.
The Cereus has been used experimentally as a cardiac stimulant
although in large doses it may produce delirium, hallucinations,
and mental confusion, thus consumption is not recommended.
Evening Primrose
sweet-scented perennial with white, pink, or
yellow blooms that display themselves at night
Night Phlox or ‘Midnight Candy’
upright plants that open at night releasing
a honey-almond-vanilla scent
Dusty Miller or ‘Flashy Lady’
centaurea gymnocarpa
) - silver gray perennial
up to thirty-six inches, upright foliage
Silver Sage
salvia argentea
perennial with white blooms and silver foliage
Foxglove or ‘Alba’
perennial with tall clusters of tubular white blooms
Lamb’s Ears
stachys byzantina
perennial that is winter hardy, drought tolerant
with a dense mat of silver-white foliage
that is supple and soft to the touch
More Night Bloomers
and Complimentary
Reflective Foliage Plants
Dusty Miller
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