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by Sandra Crittenden
June has begun and summer is upon us here on Galveston Island. The longer days and oftentimes
longer weekends seem to afford us a bit more time to indulge in some summertime sipping. Use
this opportunity to travel the world with wine while enjoying the season right here with your
friends and family.
Galveston restaurants are offering up a greater selection from around the globe than ever before,
providing a perspective that can only be seen through wine-filled glasses. High quality Italian,
Greek, French, and Spanish vino has become more available, and likewise more choices from New
World wine regions are showing up not only on restaurant lists but also in our local stores.
Be adventurous this summer and try a wine made from an unfamiliar grape variety, or a wine
from a distant place yet to be explored. A world of wine awaits discovery, ready to accompany
eager palates on a new and exciting trip.
Your Worldwide Wine Itinerary
Head northeast into the Finger Lakes wine region of New York and taste their
version of Austria’s unique white wine grape with
Dr. Konstantin Frank Gruner
Veltliner 2014
. This food friendly, lighter-bodied white wine boasts grapefruit and
melon notes with fresh herbs and a touch of white pepper in the finish. Dry and
crisp, this wine works with everything from vegetarian dishes to pork tenderloin,
approximately $16.
New York is the third largest wine producing state in the U.S. and Dr. Frank is
credited with beginning the region’s quality movement in the 1950s.
Wo r l d W i d e
Vintners make most white wine from red grapes.
As it ages white wine gets darker, But red wine gets lighter as it ages.
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