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Kimber Fountain, Editor-in-chief
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On our cover
The Subtle Nuances of
Island Life
On the cover this month is a mixed media work
by Galveston artist Jennifer Peck titled “The
Getaway” that is part of her new show debuting this
month at J Bangle Gallery, 1124 25th Street.
Peck, who has recently gone mobile and is showing
in fine art festivals throughout Florida, created this
piece as part of a collection from island street maps
and cut out images collaged on top of decorative
papers. These new pieces have a delightful abstract
quality and are made entirely out of layers of paper
featuring the Island neighborhoods and typical stilt
houses. Peck also has additional works on display at
Old Galveston Trading Co., 2115 Postoffice.
Thanks to the warm winter and sun-filled February, the grogginess that usually
lingers this time of year from the off-season hibernation months should be
minimal. Which is good, considering that the annual, obligatory migration of every
Spring Breaker in the Houston area to Galveston will wait for no one. Soon we will
forfeit our right to use the Seawall as an actual thoroughfare and have to begin
strategically planning our beach walks and trips to the grocery store around the
peak time periods, but despite the temporary inconveniences, we are always aware
of how proud we are to live somewhere that everyone else wants to visit.
Although we could never truly quantify what it is that makes Galveston such a
magnetic place and such a generous host, here at
Galveston Monthly
we consider
that our highest calling—to uncover, piece by piece, the subtle nuances of island life
that together create a niche of Texas culture like no other. This March edition is no
In homage to the history that has brought us this far, the Strand Chronicles continue
with a fascinating glimpse into the personalities that were responsible for rescuing
Galveston history and launching the concept and vision for what the Strand is today.
The Photographers Series continues with part two of three, and Galveston Lost
highlights a nationally renowned circus of the early twentieth century that traces its
origins to right here on the island.
On today’s local scene, meet Jason Roga—the Voice of Galveston County Radio who
is working tirelessly to promote the remarkable talents of Galveston’s music scene,
as well as artist Mike Quinn, who brings a trademark character and quirkiness to his
marine sculptures. And learn more about Galveston Children’s Museum, which is a
work of art all in itself and a place that is sure to leave a special impression on young
and curious minds.
Finally if you have been wondering about what is going on down below the Seawall
with all of the pipes and bulldozers… we are also pleased to bring both visitors
and residents an exclusive look into the ongoing Beach Nourishment project
that is happening now along the Boulevard. The project may look a mess at first
glance, but this highly scientific engineering project is way ahead of its time, and
upon completion it promises to dramatically improve the Galveston beach-going
experience for many years to come.
Wishing you a Happy Spring and a Life full of Sunshine!
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MARCH 2017