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unprecedented eight terms as Mayor of South Houston.
Forever a showman and always quick with a joke, Christy,
when asked why he would not seek a ninth term for mayor,
replied, “I retired from the circus business, and being
mayor again would put me right back where I started.”
Christy remained in South Houston until his death on
August 7, 1975.
commendable; they graciously accepted cuts in their pay and
slept on the flats after the cars with their living quarters were
taken off the route.
Despite these frugalities, Christy Bros. Circus was forced to
close only three months into their 1930 season. Their final
performance was held on July 7 in Greeley, Colorado, after
which the remaining cars, equipment, and employees were
only able to be shipped back to South Houston by way of the
generosity of one of Christy’s business associates.
Upon returning to the Texas coast, Christy kept all of
his animals but eventually sold his equipment in 1935.
He then turned to a life of public service and served an
Christy Bros. Africa Show
Christy Bros. America wagon in South Norwalk, CT
Christy Bros. Circus two sided two section cage wagon
Christy Bros. Asia wagon
Christy Bros. Circus cage wagon with leopards
and jaguars in parade 1927
Christy Bros. Circus elephants
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