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By Jan Brick
Charming, Delightful, and Elegant
In the Chinese
“Lily” means
“Forever in
ow is the time when
that “gardening
instinct” begins to stir
in gardeners all over the area.
As the weather improves and
temperatures rise, a greening
of our little spaces has begun,
so why not consider taming
a little bit of ground with a
patch of lilies?
Easter lilies, Oriental lilies,
and Asiatic lilies can thrive
and explode with almost
every color of the rainbow
in our agricultural zone nine.
Oriental and the trumpet lilies
are delightfully aromatic and
by selecting differing varieties
and staggering the planting
intervals, the blooming season
can be extended from early
summer into fall.
The lily symbolizes innocence
and dates to the Egyptian
empire. Egyptians were
among the first known
users of cosmetics, and
lily extracts were included
in their blends of oils and
ointments. The essential
oil of the lily flower is
an important ingredient
in the production of
perfumes, and they are
widely employed today in
aromatherapy treatments
for depression, said to elicit
feelings of happiness and a
sense of security.
The lily continued to be
revered through medieval
times and into the Victorian
era. They were labeled
“majestic” for their lovely
shape and association with
the Virgin Mary. Young
women of the era often wore
lilies pinned in their hair or to
evening wear and posing with
bouquets or a single bloom
was popular in photographs.
By far the most well-known
variety is the Easter lily, a
favorite at this time of year as
“But each spring…a gardening instinct, sure as sap rising in the trees, stirs within us.
We look about and decide to tame another little bit of ground.” –Lewis Gantt
white easter lily
pink oriental lily
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