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“Enchantment” is a vigorously
growing lily with deep orange
blooms that feature black
spots in an attractive array
inside the bloom; it is also easy
to grow and multiplies quickly.
Besides these more familiar
hybrids, adventurous
gardeners might contemplate
experimenting with several
other less well-known
varieties such as the Calla
Lily—clear strong colors,
three to five weeks bloom in
the garden, contemporary
sculptural appearance, two
week vase life, perennial in
zone nine, full sun to part
shade; the Tiger
orange but also show in
white, yellow, or red, old-
fashioned charm, hardy; and
the Regal
yellow throat
a time-honored custom. Once
it has finished the bloom cycle
as a specimen plant in your
home, the Easter lily may be
planted in your yard and will
bring additional joy when it
re-blooms the following year.
Lillium longiflorium
is the
Latin name for the Easter lily
which is native to southern
Japan. Thought of as a symbol
of resurrection, the Easter
lily rises from rough bulbs to
bloom into stately flowers
that personify beauty, grace
and tranquility. The best
known cultivar of Easter lily
is called “Nellie White,” so
named by a grower in honor
of his spouse; it is readily
recognizable by its large,
trumpet shaped blooms.
Prior to World War II,
most Easter lily bulbs were
imported from Japan, but
ninety-five percent of these
bulbs are now produced along
a coastal region bordering
California and Oregon for
today’s marketplace. Well
over twelve million bulbs
are harvested, packed,
and shipped in the fall to
commercial greenhouses
where the bulbs are forced to
bloom early for Easter sale.
For maximum brilliance in
your garden, consider the
regal splendor of the Oriental
hybrids. They grow well along
coastal areas where the soil
is generally acidic and rich. At
the rear of the border, these
tall varieties will provide an
“airy elegance” throughout
the extensive hot summer
With their lengthy vase life,
these blooms make excellent
gifts for friends and family.
They are charmingly sweet-
scented during the daylight
hours but in the evening they
are especially aromatic.
Oriental hybrids enjoy a
prolonged life in the garden
and will multiply over the
years. These hybrids prefer
full sun on their faces but
shade at their feet, planting
perennials around them
is helpful. Stake the taller
specimen along the stalks for
support if needed.
The Stargazer is among the
elite of the Oriental hybrids,
admired for its blossoms that
can measure ten inches across
and nearly three feet tall
with waxy backward curling
freckled petals. The scent that
emanates from this exquisite
bloom has been described
as heady, pungent and
Other Oriental cultivars
to consider are the “Casa
Blanca,” a true standout with
huge gleaming white flowers
and sweet perfume, and “La
Reve,” an indisputable beauty
in soft pure pink with a splash
of red freckles.
Asiatic hybrids offer early
flowering and hardiness for
your garden with a broad
range of intense color.
“Connecticut King” is a large,
compelling, and impressive
buttercup yellow with a
golden yellow center but
without the typical spots.
A showy bloom that is low
maintenance and has good
cutting potential, it prefers
full sun to part shade. The
showy cultivar known as
oriental hybrid lilies
lilies in a container
stargazer lily
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