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Radio stations once required a brick and mortar 50,000 mega-watt tower of
power, a team of business and production people, and an array of colorful disc
jockeys just to get music into the ears of the local community. These days, a
3-inch cell phone and one ambitious personality can perform a similar function
and potentially reach anyone in the universe (providing there is a good service
provider on Mars).
Many people are taking advantage of the opportunity that technology has
afforded them in order to provide an abundance of content that is available to
the public at any given moment, but skeptics may easily assume that the playing
field has broadened beyond the demand of the listeners—how many music and
news listening options do people need?
YouTube is the rabbit-hole of endless streams of content, and according to one
impossible-to-verify Internet based statistic, thousands of hours of content are
uploaded each day. But not everyone dreams of being seen or heard by millions,
and the numbers do not seem to matter to disc
jockey and co-owner, Jason Quiroga.
DJ Jason Roga, as he is known on the air, is aware of the challenge of finding an
audience with Internet-based radio, but remains as enthusiastic about playing
Surfing the Radio Waves
DJ Jason Roga
Story and Photos by Zach Tate
dj jason roga at the studio
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