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green eggs.
Quinn’s work can be found in private
collections and galleries throughout
the world. His portfolio includes tribal
masks, large-scale fiberglass sculptures,
paintings, and his smaller collections of
Fish With Attitude,
a line
of quirky undersea life, ranging from
fish and oysters to crustaceans and
other seafaring critters;
with Attitude
a line of fantastical
creatures, primarily created using
clay; and
Stunt Sculptures
, l
scale pieces handcrafted with
metals, fiberglass,
foam, and other materials.
“I’ve made thousands of different animals
over the 25 years—insects, frogs, gorillas,
dinosaurs, fossils. It’s hard to know exactly, but it is definitely a lot,” Quinn
says. “I’ve also done 16-foot Easter Island heads in fiberglass and a giant moose
head with 12-foot horns—pretty much anything and everything.”
“In the end, that job I just hated and believed was a curse ended up being a
blessing because it gave me the experience to do what I was suppose to do
next. I was able to pay off our house, go back to doing art full-time and to write
children’s books. I’m writing another one now, and I hope to have it out soon.
It’s about a mouse.”
Odds are, it won’t be your average mouse, nibbling quietly on a piece of
cheese in the corner of a house. Not a chance, Quinn says. “This mouse gets
into some stuff and has adventures, and none of it is average.”
The work of local sculptor
Mike Quinn
can be found at
Arts on Mechanic
a 4,000-square-foot gallery in the
Strand Historic District located at
2309 Mechanic St
across from the
Tremont House. Call
For more information on the artist,
Instagram #ArtistMikeQuinn
and on
Facebook, Fish with Attitude
by Mike Quinn.
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