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Kimber Fountain, Editor-in-chief
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On our cover
The painting featured this month is titled
“Woody at the Spot” by Robert Peterson.
Robert is the owner of Vacation on Canvas
gallery. Along with his original paintings,
Robert also offers reproductions of his
artwork in canvas giclees, cards, paper
prints, and ceramic tiles. His gallery is
located at the corner of Postoffice and 22nd
Street. Call 409.974.4066 for more details.
A Month of New Beginnings
May is a remarkable month for its status as the most beautiful time of year,
collectively in both hemispheres. In the south, the colors of fall are at full blossom
and the north is experiencing the fury of springtime. It is also a month of new
beginnings. Think graduation, which is not the end of learning but rather an
entrance into the School of Life; or Mother’s Day, appropriately held within the
confines of Maia’s month, the Greek goddess of fertility who represents both the
birth and rebirth of nature and life. This, the apex of spring, is a great time for a
fresh start and a new perspective.
As usual, Galveston stays in step with the season during the last full month of
springtime, and this May edition celebrates both its beauty and newness with
stories that travel from downtown to the East End to the bottom of the Gulf of
Mexico. Featured inside is the breathtaking beauty of the Flower Garden Banks
National Marine Sanctuary with its majestic manta rays and colorful coral, as well as
beauty of the manmade variety which is elegantly captured by Susan Tyler and her
gallery of resident artists at Tyler Fine Art Studio.
Meanwhile, pre-summer preparations are providing an exuberant infusion of
newcomers. The Island is poised to receive widespread national attention for
serving as the backdrop of a new series from HGTV’s popular home renovation
team, the Property Brothers, and this edition includes the first of a two-part
exclusive with Jonathan and Drew Scott and their revitalization of local properties.
Yet another featured exclusive takes a behind-the-slots look at Galveston’s newest
entertainment venue and adventure, the Jacks or Better Casino Boat. And even
our historical features this month remember milestones that set into motion new
chapters in the city’s growth—from a City Hall that celebrated the accomplishments
of a once-new city government, to the Strand during the 1990s when it was at the
height of its rebirth.
May is also a month that is brimming with holidays and various celebrations, many
of which are highlighted throughout the magazine in our Calendar of Events, Around
the Island, and Downtown Focus sections. Top off the festivities with a toast from
a veritable wine catalog compiled by our resident wine connoisseur, an easy guide
that will help you find the perfectly appropriate bottle for every celebration.
Finally, May is known as a time for second chances. No matter what has happened
so far this year, the blooming flowers are a reminder that winter does not stay
forever. Just remember, it is up to you to plant the seed. Happy trails, and happy
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