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MAY 2017
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the downtown focus
Experience the comfort of old-world and modern-luxury styles
as they merge effortlessly in Galveston’s newest and most novel
boutique. Conveniently located at 2211 Strand Street in the
heart of Historic Downtown Galveston, Emboldened Elegance
Boutique offers quality brand names such as Lucky Brand,
Dex, Z Supply, and Sage the Label. Funky handbags by Vendula
London along with beautiful accessories made by Virgin Saints
Angels Jewelry and Three Bishops Jewelry are
also available.
Emboldened will easily take anyone who makes a casual
entrance and inspire them to promenade out with style and
grace. Co-owners Heather Mikel and her mother Teresa Holland
always dreamed of opening a French-country style boutique by
the sea. This mother-daughter duo from West Columbia, Texas,
has brought their dreams to life by setting up shop in their
favorite coastal city.
Emboldened certainly has a homey feel where rustic meets
elegant, fresh flowers fill the air, and chandeliers sparkle among
the charmingly displayed clothing racks. It is a place where
shoppers can relax and enjoy a complimentary wine after a day
of strolling around The Strand. The excellent customer service
and even more excellent price point make this shop a must-see.
Emboldened Elegance Boutique is open seven days a week.
Call 409.220.3314 for specific hours or for more information.
Beta Gallery:
Benevolence & Excellence Through Art
Local artist Mary K. Farragher of Beta Gallery recently settled into the second floor of the historic
Hutchings-Sealy Building located near the corner of 24th and The Strand. Although Farragher is
trained in many art mediums, her forte is painting and printmaking.
She uses old satellite images from the Houston space station as the basis of paintings and historic
maps of Galveston Island, created from self-designed linoleum carvings similar to the ones used
in printmaking. In what can be described as cartography merging with topography, Farragher then
combines these revealing images with different representations of nature, the result of which is a
beautiful and vibrant work of art.
“I create under an expressionist
philosophy and the work is often
indicative of topographical views or
microbiology. I, however, consider my
work to be a fantastical abstraction of
the human condition,” says Farragher.
Each piece embodies multiple
concepts such as micro versus macro,
perception, theology versus science, identity, and communication.
For instance, some paintings include water webbing which Farragher
adopted as a symbol for community. Others use satellite imagery
that, to some, may emerge as an image of a microorganism. The
experience is entirely contingent upon the viewer’s perspective.
Beta Gallery features other work by local artist Ed Drozik, Texas
artists Chalda Maloff and Jan Arthur Harrell, and German artist Jussi
Tinnemeyer. The gallery is located in suite 260 of 2328 Strand Street;
open Wednesday through Sunday. Call 409.370.3707 or visit the
Beta Gallery Facebook page for more details.
Elegance Boutique
Mary K. Farragher of Beta Gallery
Owners Teresa Holland and Heather Mikel
Photos by Leslie Pelonero