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community. You will just have to watch the episode to see
what kind of houses we get!”
Drew also revealed that renovating waterfront properties
presented special challenges. “This is a first for us,” he
admits. “We’ve never dealt with pilings, extreme winds, or
so many other water and climate related issues like here
in Galveston. We love filming in different cities because we
get the ability to educate our viewers on new issues.”
“Our houses [in Galveston] are very different,” explains
Jonathan, “which is what makes this a fun competition.
We always bring on local contractors to work with us, as
there are always local issues that we need to be informed
of. And once we finish a project and leave town we always
like to have a local contractor covering any warranty work
The brothers also made sure that the houses they
renovated on the island stayed true to character. “When
you’re working with water front properties,” says Drew,
“you need to have some element of nautical design
Both of the brothers expressed admiration and
appreciation for the number of historic properties found
on the island, and they took the time to explore some of
the structures during their visits. “Downtown Galveston is
gorgeous,” shares Drew. “I love all the old architecture, and
a lot of the homes are in great shape. In fact, some of the
houses remind me of our days filming in New Orleans.”
Jonathan agrees. “We love restoration and tackled historic
houses in New Orleans last year. The one thing we always
remind people is that typically restoring a historic home
will cost more money and take more time than a regular
Unusual or exciting finds often appear during restorations
of older homes, and the two Galveston locations chosen by
the team were no exception.
“In my house I actually found an old box of photos that
follows a family’s lineage all the way back into the early
1800’s. Very cool!” says Drew. “There were also images
from a big flood in Galveston back in the early 1900s.”
Jonathan adds, “The funniest item in my house was a large fish
phone. Thankfully it wasn’t real.”
Property Brothers
, the most popular of their shows, the roles
for each brother are clearly defined with Drew handling the real
estate business and Jonathan heading the design and renovation.
Brother vs. Brother
, for which the episodes in Galveston were
filmed, is structured differently—each brother selects, purchases,
and renovates an independent property.
“Drew and I have both been renovating houses since the 90s with
our real estate company,” explains Jonathan. “I went to school
for construction and design, and Drew is licensed as a real estate
Brother vs. Brother
is a fun throwback to our original days
where we both get our hands dirty. And I have to say, Drew makes
for some great design competition.” 
Regular viewers of the various renovation shows on HGTV notice
Standing is Jim Scott with middle son Jonathan Silver Scott and Jonathan’s
mom, Joanne Scott. Sitting is Annalee Belle and boyfriend JD Scott sitting
beside Linda Phan with fiance Drew Scott in Galveston, January 2017.
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