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that only a select few rooms of each
project home are featured on air during
the “reveal.” When asked if the rest of
the property was usually updated as
well, Jonathan clears up any confusion.
Property Brothers,
even though we
only focus on 3 to 4 rooms, we typically
renovate the entire house. There is a
separate budget and timeline for those
other areas that you don’t see on
television. We definitely would not want
to leave the homeowner sleeping on
bare floors!”
Due to the nature of some of their
home makeover shows, the brothers
deal with homeowners with a wide range
of needs and personalities. “We had one
hilarious reaction from a homeowner on
our show
Buying & Selling
,” shares Drew.
“She came into the construction site and
told Jonathan and his crew that no one
was allowed to work if her cat walked
into the room. They had to wait until the
cat decided to leave on its own. Now
that’s a cat lover!”
The brothers, especially Jonathan,
are known to be animal lovers themselves.
Although his beloved dogs Gracie and Stewie
(to whom he refers as his “four-legged kids”)
were not along for the Galveston job, their
owner shared a few things that pet owners
should keep in mind when remodeling a home.
“One element in a home that dog owners tend
to forget is a space their dog can call their own,
somewhere to put their bed and toys that is out
of the main walking area.” He suggests looking
for otherwise wasted space such as under the
stair or off a laundry room to provide pets with
a private spot.
Because of HGTV’s international syndication,
the twins’ shows air in approximately 160
countries. “It doesn’t matter where we travel,” says Drew, “we have fans approach us
smiling. I love that we are affecting people in a positive way around the world.”
“If you go on YouTube you’ll hear some hilarious dubs in other languages,” laughs
Jonathan. “We sound a lot more suave in Spanish!
The siblings have even written a book,
Dream Home: The Property Brothers’ Ultimate
Guide to Finding & Fixing Your Perfect House,
which they wrote to share insights
about home renovations with their fan base.
“It took us a couple of years to write because we have a lot of useful home and
design information in these heads,” says Jonathan. “If our fans are not able to have us
at their home to physically help then our book is the next best thing.”
Swinging a hammer or closing a deal are not the brothers’ only talents, though.
Drew Scott with his fiancee Linda Phan and their production crew, along with Michael and Ashley Cordray, taking a Galveston cemetery tour with Kathleen Maca.
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Photo courtesy of Kathleen Maca