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with international economic calamities
such as The Great Depression and World
War II.
Unfortunately, raids by Texas Rangers
in 1957 made Galveston a national
embarrassment, and ever since then the
Free State has been looked upon by many
as a blight on the city’s record despite the
four decades of prosperity it afforded.
Legalized gambling is still very much a
topic of discussion among Galveston
residents, but staunch opposition could
very well keep it from ever becoming a
The good news is that Jacks or Better
Casino has arrived to fill this highly
sought-after niche with the perfect
amount of finesse—close enough to
add intrigue and depth to Galveston’s
portfolio of pleasures, but far enough
away to remain legal without requiring
a commitment to permanent policy
Indeed Galveston was dealt a winning
hand with Jacks or Better—none of
the stigma but all of the economic
advantages. Not only does its operation
establish nearly two hundred local jobs, it
is estimated to infuse $3 million per year
into collective city coffers, and that does
not even count how many times that
money will turn over within the Island’s
economy. Before the ship even made an
appearance, Jacks or Better custom built
their dock at the Galveston Yacht Basin
using local contractors and suppliers.
The ship originally sailed out of
Myrtle Beach, Florida, then moved to
Aransas Pass. The move to Galveston
was prompted by both topographical
and financial factors. In the waters at
Aransas Pass, the continental shelf is one
hundred feet higher than off the coast
of Galveston, 160 feet to Galveston’s
60, which resulted in larger swells and
rougher seas. Since company policy
requires that the boat not go out with
swells larger than six feet, a Galveston
dock means more trips and far fewer
But more than logistics, Jacks or Better
Casino owner Mark S. was well aware of
Galveston’s popularity and astronomical
growth since Hurricane Ike. “It’s a
First level slots.
Second floor Rum Runner Bar
Photos by Kimber Fountain
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