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By Kimber Fountain
City Hall
and the
any Galveston historians will recount with great passion the horrors
of September 8, 1900, and quite often the story of The Great Storm
ends right there. But in truth, that was actually the day when the
history of modern-day Galveston began, as the storm provided an
impetus that created much more than it ever destroyed.
In addition to the construction of the Seawall and the grade-raising,
which elevated most of the inhabited part of the island as much as
seventeen feet, a group of women formed the Women’s Health Protective
Association (WHPA) which sponsored Galveston’s involvement in the
City Beautiful movement. As part of a nationwide effort to beautify the
country’s urban areas, the women blanketed the city with Oleanders,
Magnificent City Auditorium
City Hall and Auditorium 25th Street entrance c. 1916
Current City Hall 25th Street entrance
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