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May is the designated month of pomp and
circumstance, and all college graduates will
enjoy Banfi’s
Cum Laude
red wine blend.
This full-bodied ripe juicy red will help them
transition from beer swilling college student
to sophisticated wine connoisseur in record
time. At $35 a bottle, they can buy it again for
themselves even before all the college loans
are paid off.
For mothers who are the glue that holds the
clan together, tirelessly working to ensure the
success of a family dynasty, then Mother’s Day
offers another opportunity to drink expensive
bubbles. It is the perfect time to enjoy a bottle
Veuve Clicquot
Not only was Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin
the first woman to ever run a Champagne
house, she is also credited with improving the
overall quality of the wine of the region with
new production techniques. She made the first
Rosé Champagne and was instrumental in the
history of sabering open sparkling wine. As a
young single mother in the early 1800s, the
widow Madame Clicquot managed to do all
of this while personally fulfilling her deceased
husband’s dream of building a successful
Champagne House. Bring a bottle of Brut or
Rosé home to mom or find this wine on several
wine lists in town, including the Tremont
House (2300 Mechanic).
For Armed Forces Day, support the troops and
contribute to the VA with an online purchase
of a bottle of Purple Heart Wines, available at This wine was
created by way of a collaboration between
Iraq war veteran turned consulting winemaker,
David Grega, and The Purple Heart Foundation,
which helped 19,000 veterans secure over
$300 million dollars in benefits last year.
Last but not least, send off the month in
style on Memorial Day with The Federalist
Lodi Zinfandel. It is not only a crowd pleaser
at barbecues, but also a patriotic pick as well.
Featuring the face of America’s first president
on the label, this wine is a reminder of the
liberties we enjoy today that have been
protected by those who gave the ultimate
sacrifice. Smooth, spicy, and delicious, this
affordable wine is priced at $16 and makes
the statement at any Memorial Day event that
America is and always has been great.
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