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“windows on a side street” by gayle reynolds
The Water’s Edge Studio and Gallery
1302 21st Street | 409.762.1925
Open Thur.-Sat. 10am-5pm or by appointment
After a long time working in watercolors, painter Gayle
Reynolds of The Water’s Edge gallery is transitioning back to
painting with oils. However, one thing will remain the same,
her ability to lovingly capture and bring to life the most
subtle details of Galveston’s cityscape, such as an otherwise
inconspicuous group of palm trees. In the boatroom,
Rex Reynolds continues to build his popular Adirondack
tallboys. Pottery on display in the gallery is by Madeleine
Baker, and sculptures are by Pat Moberley Moore, who has
recently brought in the fourth edition of a collection of twelve
This Land
. Primitive yet thought-provoking necklaces
by Chase Jennings feature arrowheads and animal teeth.
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Vacation on Canvas Gallery
22nd and Postoffice | 409.974.4066
Open Wed.-Mon. Noon-6pm or by appointment
Life on the Island is one big, long weekend and there is no better way to make any day a Saturday than with a Vacation on
Canvas. Soak in the sensory experience of Robert Peterson’s newest collection of original paintings, and witness firsthand this
artist’s trademark ability to masterfully capture his surrounding environment with vivid colors and precise detail that together
emit a relaxing vibe that is all Island. Along with his original paintings, Robert also offers reproductions of his artwork in canvas
giclees, cards, paper prints, and ceramic tiles. Experience what Island living is all about at the Vacation on Canvas Gallery.
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Galveston Arts Center
2127 Strand | 409.763.2403
Open Tue.-Sat. 11am-5pm, Sun. Noon-5pm
GAC presents three exhibitions that mark the curatorial debut of curator
Dennis Nance. In the downstairs main gallery,
Gardens and Graveyards
is a multimedia installation by Austin-based Jules Buck Jones and his
collective Animal Facts Club. In the upstairs 1878 Gallery, Calder Kamin’s
Plastic Planet
calls attention to environmental crisis with his sculptures
formed from plastic bags, with a corresponding
NeoCortex Classroom
provides hands-on activities and workshops. In the Brown Foundation
Gallery, Fort Worth-based multidisciplinary artist James Talambas presents
a sound installation titled
2,524 Earthquakes This Past Year,
seismic activity in Oklahoma and North Texas. These exhibitions will
remain on view through May 28.
“Poison and Venom” by Jules Buck Jones
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