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Kimber Fountain, Editor-in-chief
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This month’s cover features a painting by island resident Karan McDermed, who
has displayed her work at galleries across the Island. The painting, titled “The
Corner,” is of an area on Church Street where she lives in the East End Historical
District. To view more of her works visit her Facebook page.
When Galveston’s continued ability to find ways to thrive year-round is surveyed
from a distance, it is pretty formulaic: Events + Businesses + People
= Much more
than just a summertime sensation. But the most fascinating part of that equation
comes when you look at it up close—no one really orchestrates that balance, or tells
which groups to do what; no one with a master plan is directing businesses to open
or surveying which niches need to be filled.
It all just—happens. Naturally. With no other directive than the Island itself, which
has a rich history of eliciting order and symbiosis from its devoted residents. It is
part of the reason why locals will tell you that it is “different” here, because the ebb
and flow of business and industry in concert with the times and people is nearly as
calculated as the tides along the Gulf shore.
If you are wondering, the reason “people” is squared in Galveston’s master formula,
is to account for the exponential effect that locals have on the equation. Sure, the
city hosts millions of visitors every year, and those visitors are very valuable and
appreciated. But it is the locals who are the ride-or-die of Galveston. Our support
is crucial to the success of local businesses, through the rainy weekends, the colder
months, and the times when our much relied-upon neighbors to the north are
experiencing difficult circumstances.
And now is certainly a time that I would encourage residents to step up for the
city’s small businesses. Long gone are the mid-July weekends with stifling heat and
even more stifling crowds. These months are our months, Islander months, when
we have the best chance to relish the kaleidoscope of entrepreneurial diversity and
creativity that defines the Island.
To that end, this October edition has been a very special one to put together. We
started by devoting Around the Island to upcoming events that are simply can’t-
miss. All of the most colorful facets of Galveston culture immerse the Island this
October—from ARToberFest to Oktoberfest to the Greek Festival as well as a
number of Halloween events.
Step Two of the equation is brought to life with the Local Business Spotlight, where
we wanted to drop our readers a little reminder of just how truly spectacular our
Island retail scene is. This special one-time feature shines a light on a plethora
of creative minds who together create a vibrant and unique shopping scene,
with attention to seasonal offerings such as specials, new fall arrivals, and all the
necessary components of Halloween and fall decorating.
Lastly—the people. Our recently revived Downtown Focus section stars new faces,
new places, and Island street artists, while a collection of Halloween-inspired
features delve into the interesting characters who see the beloved spooky season as
simply another day-in-the-life.
But what about the people “squared,” you ask? Well, that is where you come in.
Without our readers, we have no exponent. Without you, it is simply words on a
page. You are the treat to our trick, the jack to our lantern, and the Happy in our
Wishing You a Most Haunted of Holidays from Everyone at Galveston Monthly.
Events + Businesses + People
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