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ot many people are in the habit of directly
communicating with ghosts, but local business
owners Mike and Cathy Catching make it a
regular habit. Their shop Mysticatz is located at
2021 Strand in the 19
century E. B. Nichols Building that, along
with other sites on the street, has a long and colorful history
including tales of the presence of ghosts. The couple is quick to
verify that the tales are true.
Cathy identifies herself as a clairaudient, which is someone
who is able to perceive sounds or words mentally from spiritual
sources. “We’re not exactly sure who all (spirit-wise) is in the
building,” she says. “But we do know there are a lot of spirits
coming in and out, which is pretty cool.”
One of the liveliest ghosts she and her husband have
encountered likes to play with a pink pair of pliers, repeatedly
knocking them off of a pegboard in the workshop at the back of
the store space.
“The video of the pliers moving is our best evidence,” Cathy
enthuses, “because there’s no way to defy gravity. And we have
that activity over and over.”
“Our [original] store was in the Jockush Building when we
first experienced the pliers coming off the tool board. My first
thought, because they were pink, was that it was a little girl
moving them. In my mind’s eye, I could see a little girl holding on
to one of the poles in the shop, swinging around it. I was really
sad about leaving the last location because I thought we were
going to lose all of the paranormal activity.”
She need not have worried. Once they moved to the building
on the Strand and set up the cameras, the activity immediately
“We had heard that when they did a [paranormal] investigation
at Bistro LaCroy (a restaurant that several years ago was
located in the J.D. Rogers building next door) that a psychic said
that there was a little girl, and they came up with the name
Annabelle,” Cathy explains.
“Annabelle or Belle...I think that’s who plays with my pliers,
because they’re pink,” adds Mike. “I think we’re up to forty-eight
times that we’ve documented it on camera. The pliers seem to
do a little twisting and turning before they come off the board, so
I don’t know whether they’re being pushed or pulled off.”
“One time we had synchronized movement where several of the
tools moved in the same direction at the same time. That was on
Halloween, which I thought was interesting,” smiles Cathy.
Mike has even been in the room when activity takes place.
“When the pliers are really active I get kind of a woozy, light-
headed feeling as if my blood sugar drops,” he says.
“The activity used to be pretty cut and dried,” muses Cathy.
“We didn’t think anything was happening during the day, but
we didn’t have the camera on then. We would only set it up at
night. They would start to move just before we left, and stop right
before we got back in the morning.”
Soon, activity began to happen for a couple of hours each day
during store hours, as well. “We would be standing at the front
counter doing something and we’d just hear ‘clunk’ from the
back,” she laughs.
The duo feels that they have also captured a large amount of
orb activity on their infrared cameras at night. Orbs are spherical
white or colored shapes that appear in photographs or video,
and are sometimes construed to be signs of paranormal activity.
Although many such shapes can be identified as flying insects or
At Mys t icat z on the S trand
By Kathleen Maca
Mike and Cathy Catching
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Photos by Kathleen Maca