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dust particles reflecting light, some cannot be as easily dismissed.
Cathy, who explains that she is also in communication with guiding angels,
feels that the side of the showroom where she conducts her angel readings
acts as a sort of portal for paranormal activity.
“We’ve caught all kinds of different orb activity in photographs, including
those that would be hard to debunk as dust because of the way they look
and the way they behave. The last time we caught one we could tell it was
a bug by its movement, and then an orb came out. We had them both on
screen at the same time to compare.”
“And they were interacting with each other,” Mike enthusiastically adds.
“Dust is not going to do odd movements or patterns when it moves. Some of
these orbs go in one direction and then turn around and come back.”
Even the couple’s dog Bella occasionally acts differently in the building. “I
have a video of her in the shop area moving her head around as if she was
following the movement of something,” Mike says. The dog seemed to be
more interested than alarmed by whatever she was tracking. “But usually
when there’s activity in there she tries to come out of the room as far as she
can on her leash. She doesn’t bark or whimper, she just gets up and moves
to the doorway.”
A woman across the street from the Nichols Building claims to have
witnessed a black figure walk across the upstairs balcony, then turn around
and walk directly through a window.
Mike has taken their investigations one step further by building his own
“ghost box.” Sometimes referred to as a spirit box, these devices use
electronic energy to attempt communication with ghosts.
“I bought most of these parts from the Guitar Center,” Mike explains. “I use
an app that takes recordings of different voices—male, female, young, and
old—and kind of chews them up into one second and half second bytes,
then reverses them.”
Cathy continues, “Then the idea is that disembodied spirits that don’t have
vocal chords can use energy to push through the available sounds and make
words.” Voices coming out of the box echo in an extremely crackled, noisy
manner, somewhat reminiscent of certain tracks on The Beatles
White Album
The Catchings record their session with the ghost box, so that they can slow
down the speed of the replay to possibly hear or clarify things not audible at
the time of the session. Some words, however, seem clear right away. Cathy
begins each session with a prayer.
“The box is a good tool,” she says, “but very subjective. Different people can
seem to hear different things. I was a skeptical until one session in particular
when specific questions were being answered very clearly.”
Mike agrees, “What you look for is if you get a reply when you ask a
question.” He spends numerous hours reviewing the recordings of the ghost
box sessions and video camera captures. Each hour recorded may take three
to four hours of reviewing and noise editing.
“We usually listen to it forward at the regular speed the first time,” explains
Cathy, “and then note any sections that sound suspicious and go back and
listen to it either slower or faster.”
They believe they have repeatedly communicated with someone who,
according to what was said via the ghost box, is named Ed. They theorize that
it is possibly Edward Lea, who died in Galveston during the Civil War. They
have also heard the name Albert, the name of Edward’s father. Both of these
names emanated from the box during the interview for this story, as well.
Neither of them feels that there is any “bad” energy in the building. “I
think all of the death and destruction from past hurricanes and the Civil War
have added to hauntings on the island,” theorizes Mike. “The 1900 Storm
killed thousand within just a few days. That is a lot of unrested souls with
unfinished business, or whatever you want to call it.”
Cathy is quick to interject that she does not believe that because many
people died at once necessarily means they did not “cross over.”
“It could be true partially, but just because huge
groups transitioned at the same time, doesn’t mean
they didn’t all make it up there. People assume that
because they died in the 1900 Storm that they’re all
hanging. It just means that you had a huge energy
When pointedly asked if she believes that spirits with
unfinished business are a possibility, she responds
“I’m sitting the fence on that one. I feel that if souls
are waiting to pass on, then part of that is to teach us
to help them transition. I always tell people to not be
frightened though, because if they’re hanging around
and haven’t moved into the light then they are going
to be limited in what they can do. That’s my thought.”
“My angels told me eventually we’re going to catch
an apparition on camera,” Cathy reveals. “I have no
reason to believe that it won’t happen, because I think
it’s important to teach people that that world exists. I
think it will provide some people with comfort. There
are some that will be genuinely scared, but the rest of
them are going to say ‘Oh, so we can talk to our loved
ones. They’re really there.’ They might understand
that there really is such a thin veil.”
Still she affirms, “I’m not fearful of anything. Not one
little bit.”
To view some of the video captured at Mysticatz, visit
their Facebook page.
Ghost box and
listening equipment
Video on Facebook
with pliers moving
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