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see a conflict between his religious faith
and his career, “but I don’t think that’s
the only way to reach God. My gift is
used to help people, and it often brings
them back to their faith. I believe it’s very
important for us to have that connection
to our Creator.”
Lawrence’s line of work obviously draws
comments, both positive and negative,
from the general public. “There are two
kinds of skeptics,” he philosophizes. “The
first is a closed minded skeptic who will
not believe no matter what you say. If
someone doesn’t believe in what I do,
I’m OK with that.”
He encourages people to experience
a session and come to their own
conclusions according to their
experience. “If open-minded skeptics
come into my galleries, I welcome them
with open arms. They are going to want
proof, but they come in with an open
Though many people mistakenly define
a medium as someone who connects
only with the dead, Lawrence is quick to
clarify that mediumship is the capacity
to connect with those that are living and
deceased. Clairvoyance refers to having
visions, like his dream about the 9/11
tragedy. He has both of those abilities.
“It’s not that I’m pulling them (the
departed) in from the other side,” he
explains. “I just quiet my mind and
listen to the information that is given.
I’m a big believer in meditation. It’s just
about quieting the mind down. In life,
things that cause us anxiety surround
us: politics, work life, finances, or worry
about family. We allow our conscious
mind to run amok, and there’s no point
in it. When we allow ourselves to let go
and quiet the mind, is when we find our
spiritual center.”
“I’m also a believer in past lives and
reincarnation, because I feel we are
each trying to find our individual
Asked if he has ever encountered a
spirit with a sense of humor or strong
personality, Lawrence laughs and
acknowledges, “We are in death as we
were in life. If your mother was extremely
blunt and honest while she was here,
she’s going to be the same way in spirit.”
For that reason, he points out that
if someone is attending a reading
that portrays a loved one in a way
uncharacteristic of their personality in
life, they should be cautious about the
veracity of the session.
Lawrence also has advice for anyone
thinking about getting their first reading
from a medium. “Do your research,
because unfortunately fraud does run
rampant in my field. If someone is a
good psychic, there should be positive
information out there about him or her.
In fifteen years of doing this I’ve never
spent a dollar on advertisement, and I
never will. The only thing I spend money
on is my website, and that is just so
people know where to contact me. My
entire client base has been based on
word of mouth.”
To find out more about Lawrence
or to set up a personal reading,
visit his Facebook page or
website at
For tickets to his gallery readings
at the 1892 Bishop’s Palace
on October 28
He also warns against anyone who asks
leading questions to formulate open-
ended answers to deliver to the client.
“I’m one of those sticklers that doesn’t
want to know anything about a person
before their session. That way I can’t be
accused of delivering back what they’ve
already revealed.”
Having clients all over the world, not
all of his sessions can be conducted in
person. Those who can’t attend a reading
in person can obtain one by phone.
Lawrence explains that he is able to do
this remotely because he is still tapping
into the energy, just as he would in
“I love doing in person readings because
I’m a hugger. But whether the readings
are in person or by phone, it’s purely
focusing on their question. Even when
someone sits across from me, I don’t look
at the person unless I’m talking to him
or her. I look at my notebook, and focus
on the energy. Gallery readings (like the
one at Bishop’s Palace) are a bit different
because they are more like snippets of
When it comes to his personal life,
Lawrence shares that he has never dated
anyone who was uncomfortable with his
talents. This most likely stems from the
fact that he is up front about his unique
gift with them from the beginning. He
also will not perform formal readings on
them, and as for being able to, “I won’t
confirm or deny that,” he says with a
However, he is very clear about his
objective pertaining to his clients. “My
goal is that I want them to leave with
validation; knowing that whatever
they’re going through that things will
improve, or if they lost someone that
the person is still with them. It’s the
empowerment that whatever they’re
going through, such as grief or financial
stress, is temporary.”
“It’s about validation. It’s about how
to improve your life, and getting to that
place that you need to be. To me every
reading is beautiful. When I say I love my
clients, I truly care about them. I hold
each one of them as dear.”
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