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Kimber Fountain, Editor-in-chief
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This month’s cover features the work of popular Island photographer Barbara
Rabek, who has displayed her work at various galleries across the Island. The picture
is titled “A Pier View.” Barbara, who owns Latitude 29’ 15, Fine Art Photography,
has previously had her work featured on our cover. Online you can find more of her
work at
A little delayed but relevant
Among the least of the impacts from Hurricane Harvey was a very brief delay of
the release of this month’s publication, but those handful of days gifted us with
the opportunity to do what we most desire to do with the pages of
—stay relevant. We were able to meet the needs of both our readers and
our advertisers with updated schedules of events and the latest information that is
sensitive to the widespread impact of this storm. Most importantly, we are able to
timely address the gut-wrenching situation that sent the entire Gulf Coast into a tail
spin for days on end, and tell you that our hearts go out to each and every person
This time around, Islanders found themselves in a very different situation than usual
when storms hit Texas—we were left standing. A little drenched, a little frazzled
from the emotions of it all, but we were standing while our big, bad brother to the
north had been knocked down. And of course we have responded the only way we
knew how, with open arms and pocketbooks, manpower, and a level of empathy
that could only be expressed by people who have been there—shelters, donations,
food drives, men and women armed first with boats and then with sledgehammers,
an outpouring of love to the I-45 corridor and beyond.
But perhaps the most valuable gift Galveston can give to the surrounding areas is
the promise that they will overcome. It might not happen immediately, or even
soon, but the resolve that communities seem to find in the aftermath of a disaster is
far more powerful than any storm, it not only unleashes creativity but also provides
the canvas. The Island is living proof of this.
Fittingly, this month’s edition is centered on the individuals that both embody “The
Spirit of Galveston” and comprise the community that defines it—from the West
End, where a construction guru is sharing his knowledge, talents, and charming
Island personality across the country via social media, to downtown where a first-
class warrior is instilling confidence and clarity in his students. Joining them is a
featured entrepreneurial team with a fresh vision for their art and furniture gallery,
and the return of our popular Downtown Focus section is teeming with tales of
Galveston’s best and brightest.
Granted, these present-day residents are simply carrying on a legacy that Galveston
has been building on since its founding, and this month’s glimpses into history
include the vociferous soldiers of the Texian Navy as well as an historic architectural
piece that opens a window into local Southern traditions. Galveston Lost features
the S.S. Galveston, a quirky seawall novelty that left too soon, and a sequel to last
month’s “Broadway Bound” piece completes the story of how the Avenue became
Galveston’s gateway.
Finally as mentioned, the Calendar of Events and Around the Island sections have
been completely updated to reflect recent changes to some events and productions
for the month of September.
Stay Strong, Texas, and keep showing the world what we are made of.