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around the island
By Christy Monroe
As Catherine neared completion of the mural,
she befriended a man named Carlos, a native
of Nicaragua and a Galvestonian for 35 years
who was facing his final days of life due to
cancer. Catherine sat with Carlos, holding his
hand, up to the last five minutes of his life. She
recalls feeling him on both sides of life and
seeing a calmness and light that reminded her
of a portal, in his eyes. This portal, along with
a passion for humankind and the desire to
honor Carlos, evolved into
The World Within
Friends and community members also played
a crucial part in the ultimate completion of
the mural, especially Katie Embesi and Dennis
McFadden, who served as her assistants,
support, and body guards while most of the
work was done after 8pm to avoid the heat
of summer. All told, the transformation of the
wall from a primer canvas, which was done
by Carlos, into
The World Within
took around
twelve nights of painting in the quiet of night.
“Art is quiet. You look at it and it gives you a
message. Your eyes are busy but your brain gets quiet. Painting
can be transformational and therapeutic for people. I witnessed
that,” recalls Catherine.
Her final addition to the piece was a gold leaf, and it can be
found on the sail boat which she says is a proud boat standing
alone, like Carlos, who luckily found friendship in the end.
View Catherine’s work at Urban Resort (411 25th Street), EatCetera
(408 25th Street), and From the Heart Gallery (511 23rd Street).
Inspiration for The World Within
A Downtown Mural by Catherine Stroud
A new downtown art project
The World Within
puts the world
at your feet and in front of your eyes. This vivid, abstract, and
meditative work of art, located on the alley wall of the Oasis
Juice Bar building off of 25
Street between Postoffice and
Market Streets, has garnered much attention and curiosity.
The local artist responsible for the spectacular piece,
Catherine Stroud, was asked to do her first, no restrictions or
requirements mural, by her friend and owner of the building,
Steve Hermecke. As she ventured to the wall back in early June,
she was slightly intimidated and apprehensive about her largest
mural to date. “The mural and the wall decide, not me,” says
Having already created and executed several murals around
Galveston Island, including the former vintage store and bar
Vanishing Point, the back wall of the former Witchery building,
Galveston Island Brewery’s inside wall, and two community
murals at LA Morgan Elementary and Satori school, along with
others, Catherine had no idea how much this wall would not
only talk to her but guide her heart on a mission to honor a
special friend and pay tribute to what she hopes will be a more
empathetic and kind human race in the future.