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alveston is one of those places that will try anything once. As
evidenced by the continual evolution of entertainment on the
seawall throughout the 20
century on up until today, anything
that is trendy is welcome for as long as it is trendy.
In the 1930s, as the automobile became more reliable and people
ventured out to travel longer distances, businesses along once-barren
stretches of the United States began to pop up, and if they were going
to succeed in the middle of nowhere, they had to make sure that they
garnered as much attention as possible from the people driving by.
Since billboards had yet to become ubiquitous, these business owners
reasoned that their best advertisement was the building itself.
By Kimber Fountain
S.S. Galveston
S.S. Galveston c. 1941
S.S. Galveston c. 1943
S.S. Galveston Motel late 1980s
S.S. Galveston postcard
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